Two Step Authentication: A Simple Approach That Will Protect Your Facebook From Hackers

The issue of Facebook hacking has been on the rise lately. This is obviously due to the extra layers Facebook has added to their security to fish out and disable fake profiles. One thing being how easy it is to hack Facebook. Most users pay zero attention to their Password Format. A random guess will fetch you profiles where users use their Phone number as both username and password. Some use their nicknames, some use their name with birth date attached. This gives  even script kiddies the ability to take control of Facebook accounts with little effort. With over 2 billion users, its no wonder that there is no type of person you cannot see on Facebook, this makes social engineering so easy on Facebook. Phishers also play their way into peoples account, a single successful phish conducted  as survey fetched over 200 returns in a dark web forum.

But yet, this increasing hijacking of peoples Facebook can be easily avoided. Facebook has already taken action to ensure your account is secured. But how funny that Facebook makes it mandatory to sign up with your contacts and basic info but makes it an option of your security? This screams one sentence to you...Your Security Is In Your Hands!!

Two Step Authentication

As the name implies, it involves adding another extra security to the prerequisites of a log in through  authentication apps or personal contact mediums. So when someone that has your log in details tries to sign in, he is required to enter another one time password which is generated within the encryption bond between your Facebook account and the Authentication app.  You can also use your phone number or email as your Second Authentication Medium, so Facebook will send the Auth Code to your number before any unusual log in.

Flaw: Two Step Authentication may be useless in cases of cookie sniffing.

Note: You can get the Google Authentication App from Play Store.

How To Enable Two Step Authentication On Facebook.

  • Log in to your Facebook and click on the Top Right Menu icon. 
  • Scroll down to settings and click
  • Click on Security and log in
  • Scroll to Use two step authentication and click
  • Click on Get Started
  • Select the type of extra security you want (Authentication App or Phone number)
  • If you select number, you will be prompted to enter the number or use the number that is already associated with the account. A code will be sent to the number and once you enter the code to verify it on the next screen. Voila!!! you are set for an added security.
  • If you select an Authentication App, you will be prompted to enter the code into the App for verification or to scan the bar code. Select the one that suites you and move on . 

Voila!! you are now secured!! Only in special cases where ethical Hackers sniff on your browser cookies, will they be able to bypass this security. 

Thanks for reading.
Written by Vic Nwankwo
Director @ Owl Technologies.