Owl Techz Digital Courses And Services

Owl Techz Digital Courses:

[Enrol to secure a future in the digital world now]

  • Data Science: Learn how to create ,manage and host databases. Also learn to build data applications. Learn business intelligence and machine algorithms utilized in modern businesses.
  • Python Programming : Learn Python and Robotics/artificial intelligence.
  • Ethical Hacking : Learn ethical hacking in preparatory for the certification in CEH. Learn Black and White Hat hacking skills,  become an expert in using hacking Softwares and tools and learn how to hijack systems and networks.
  • Cyber Security : Learn everything about internet intelligence,  fraud techniques, DarkNet intelligence, computer devices/systems (POS, ATM, Smart Systems, Digital Gadgets etc) compromise, Advanced hacking skills, How to launch real powerful attacks and ways to secure yourself from attackers , DeepNet businesses..etc
  • Content Management and SEO: Learn how search engines work, how to build authority blogs,  how to build powerful links, grow DA/PA and rank high within your chosen niche.
  • Web Design : Learn how to create beautiful websites and blogs (personal and business) using Open source platforms.
  • Web/App Development : Learn how to build initiative website/webapp/app from scratch using basic and advanced programming.
  • OSINT/DarkNet Intelligence : Learn open source intelligence techniques, investigative engineering, monitoring, spying, cyber policing, privacy maintenance, information /data hacking, data systems.. Etc…

Contact: 08064065784, Info@owltechnologies.org.

Get Certified In Investigative Engineering

Learn how to use forensics Softwares to carry out in depth investigations.  Learn how to track, monitor, spy and protect persons and data. Become a cyber detective.

The course also educates you on cyber policing,  cyber fraud investigation, information gathering and analysis. Dark intelligence and alot more.

Get Your Business On The Internet For As Low As N40,000.

Get a website,  a facebook page,  an instagram page,  a twitter page and a Nairaland profile for your business for just 40,000N. We list your business on all search engines.

We help you develop the ideal website for your business or firm alongside with the social handles to grab potential clients.

Get An App Idea Developed:

Do you have an app idea?  We develop your ideas into realistic application that is deplorable to multiple platforms.

Parental and Employees Control

Take control of your kids/staffs activities with remote access into their devices. We build security systems that allows you monitor kids activities on their phone and computer, track misbehaving staffs and see what they do on business computers in your absence.

Privacy Consulting

We help you stay anonymous when you fear for your privacy. Learn how to protect your information from trackers.

Deep Web Businesses (bonus)

Make an extra money monthly trading legit deals on the deep web. (100% safe and legal)

Contact: 08064065784, Info@owltechnologies.org.