How To Hijack Any System Through Browser Compromise Using BeEF

Teaser Lecture: Introduction To The BeEF Framework

Let me show you a little insider of what you'll learn with us.  Here, I'll show you how to compromise any browser and from there,  try to gain complete access into the target computer.

What do I mean?
BeEF stands for Browser Exploitation Framework.  It is a project targeted towards exploiting the weakness in browsers ,hence the “name”.  The project is in its stable release at the moment so there are no bugs on usage.

Using BeEF To Hack
In order to launch any of the powerful attacks in the BeEF framework,  you have to hook a target to your BeEF script. All the target has to do is to visit the link and they are hooked to you!!  How awesome?? Unlike most attacks where the target has to perform an action, all they have to do is visit your link!!!. This script is generated from your BeEF profile and uploaded into a web server. Once a victim is hooked,  you can launch a number of powerful attacks, from Cam control, to listening, to alert pop-up, to password sniffing, keylogging...etc.
Here is a breakdown of how to use BeEF to hack , first we will be running this test attack inside Kali Linux,  in the advanced lecture, I'll show you how to use BeEF outside Kali:

Step 1:
  • Fire up Kali and fire up your terminal/terminator if you wish to use BeEF in console or click on BeEF from the application list on Kali. BeEF will start and display a script in the below Format:
  • Copy the BeEF script and upload it to a web host.
  • Get the link of the website you uploaded the script on and social engineer people to Just visit it and you'll see a sure list of victims and you can then launch more attacks in order to gain complete access into the target computer.  But for now, you're hooked to the browser, you can sniff on the cookies and grab all saved passwords and usernames.
  • The above steps may sound strange to you if you are not a programmer,  but enrolling into our intelligence academy breaks all courses down and it will taste like cookies to you… .!!

Now this is how most of those guys get the bank logs they sell in the deep web. Most firms are at risk of these attack daily,  at Owl Techz , we teach you how to secure systems from these unstoppable attack. Learn Everything about hacking and cyber security and be available to a numerous means of livelihood.