How To Retrieve Someone Else's Whatsapp Messages On Your Own Phone

How To Retrieve Someone Else's Whatsapp Messages On Your Own Phone

If you ever have need to view your girlfriend's Whatsapp chats,  or you want to see what your teen child is up to with their smartphone,  or for your own awesomeness you just wanna be a pokenose and see what's not supposed to be seen. .. Voila!!!  I got the perfect post for you!!  Ride ahead now to see how you can recover that chat!!! 
STEP 1: Collect your target’s phone and connect it to your laptop via USB cable.

STEP 2: Goto Your Computer >> Click The File Manager on your computer >>> WhatsApp >> Database folder. You will find 2 files there.(save it all if you find more than 2 files, each file represents a backup of a particular time)

Namely: msgstore-year-month-day.db.crypt12and msgstore.db.crypt12
Copy these files to your laptop.

year-month-day e.g 2018-11-20

STEP 3: Now uninstall WhatsApp on your own phone, navigate to same WhatsApp >> Databases folder in your phone and over-write and replace this same files with your target’s file.

Make sure to check if file Name are same or change target’s database file name to your phone database file name.

STEP 4: Now, install WhatsApp, it will ask you to verify number and then prompt that a backup found and can be restored, restore it and you will actually restore your target’s WhatsAppmessages in your own WhatsApp.