File Recovery Softwares

File recovery sofware
A Recovery Tool/Software is a  type of software that you can use to recover deleted or lost files from your phones. The Software is built per Operating System so the type you will use will depend on the operating system your phone runs on. Some advanced recovery tools will even work across  multi platforms.  With this, there are mainly two types of Recovery Tools:

  • Android/Windows Recovery Software
  • IOS Recovery Software
Most recovery tools that will work for an android phone will also work for windows. 

Recovery Software:

A recovery tool is a type of software that is utilized in  recovering lost or deleted files from an  phone. It  works in a way by accessing the root directories of our phones, with the superuser privilege , it scans and locates the files that you deleted from your user side of the phone. This hack works because when we delete an item from our phone, it is moved out from our phone but it is saved in the root bin of the phone where you can't access it. But with the recovery tool, you can pull out these files and  recover them again. From Whatsapp chats to Deleted SMS, contacts, photos, files and documents, you can recover everything.

How To Use:

Here  is a detailed description of how to use an android recovery tool, despite the software developer, this method should work for  you.
  • Connect your phone to the computer through a USB drive (some softwares also have the option of connecting via Wi-Fi)
  • Enable USB Debugging On Your Phone
  • Detect the phone on the software and analyze it
  • Select your type of scan
  • Scan the root directories and recover lost files

Recommended Top File Recovery Tools With Direct Download Links To Official Site:

  1. GT Recovery Software
  2. 7 Data Recovery Software
  3. RecoverIt
  4. CardRecovery
  5. RecoverMyFiles
Note: File recovery works as long as you have not updated your device since the last time.